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I, along with some other bloggers and influencers, have partnered up with Travelstart to chat to parents about our experiences flying with kids, and to tell you to check out their crazy cheap flights to Cape Town if you haven’t already!

These were some of my thoughts:

Have you ever flown with your child and where?

I have only ever travelled twice on an aeroplane with kids. Both times were very short flights to Johannesburg. Once with my first child, M, about five years ago, when she was about a year old: I had packed so many gadgets and toys and snacks and a pram and a car seat and a million other things.

Then again not so long ago with my 3rd child, A, when he was about a year old too. This time, my Mei Tai was my saving grace and the fact that I was fortunately breastfeeding.

How do you prepare for a trip with your child?

Buy a few new surprise toys, buy all your snacks, have wet wipes, a jacket, a FULL change of clothes, make sure they go to the loo before getting on the plane!

Do you do the necessary research before your trip?

Yes, I do all the research about the luggage and flight, but I don’t worry about the destination too much. I guess if I had to travel to a new place I would definitely do some extra research though.

Do you pack onboard snacks for your child?

Always! Not toooo sugary! Our favourites: bananas, a packet of chips, biscuits, yoghurt.

What is the most annoying thing about flying with your child?

When they purposely start dropping and flinging their dummies across the plane or touching (hitting) the people next to us!

How do you entertain your child on a flight?

I love bringing a couple of books or colourful and engaging toy that doesn’t have too many parts that can get lost.

How do you keep your child quiet onboard a flight?

I haven’t flown with my children at an age above one year, but I really don’t think that I can expect them to be quiet lol! Once they are bored of the toy or have eaten their snacks and are starting to get a bit bored, I would probably engage them in conversation about the flight, the scenery, the place we are travelling to and look at the in-flight magazine.

Do you recommend bringing their favourite toys along?

Honestly, my kids are probably bored of it already lol, so I buy something new but very cheap as a surprise. The Crazy Store is my Go – To store for things like that.

Any advice for parents flying for the first time with their children?

I always maintain, if you are travelling with kids, and especially if you are one parent with kids: please travel light!!! You need to have your hands free to carry your kids, fetch a trolley and your luggage and sometimes even run after your kids, and you are probably tired after having them sit (or wriggle) on your lap the whole flight through!

If I compare the two times, I just laugh at myself when I think of all the unnecessary baggage I had! Try and keep one bag that can be carried on your back, so that it doesn’t bump into everyone or fall off your one arm when you are walking. In this bag, keep your kids’ essentials together (ie in the same compartment, and your essentials together and as easy to reach as possible (think ID documents, plane tickets, a little cash etc), in a small compartment. Keep the least complicated hooded jacket or a blanket stuffed inside on the top of the bag, and try to put your bag in the overhead compartment last!

Check out this YouTube Video to see what some Influencers had to say about traveling with kids:

Aren’t the Kiddos just adorable?

Travelstart have prepared a comprehensive infographic for us as a quick reference when travelling. If you would like some more amazing tips, check out the full post from Travelstart, and don’t forget that you can pin this infographic and save for later.


Tips for flying with kids
Tips for flying with kids


Do you have any tips for flying with kids? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out these cheap flights from Joburg to Cape Town!

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  1. What an interesting post about flying with kiddos. Thank you for sharing your honest (and humorous) experiences, Zaahida. You are so right about traveling light. Double thanks to Travelstart for the great infographic.

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