15 lessons we can all learn from Peppa Pig & her family

15 Lessons we can all learn from Peppa Pig & her family

There is too much violence, immodest dressing, bad attitude and BF/GF stuff on TV, even in the animated stuff. I just can’t keep track. Peppa Pig, however, is one of the very few cartoons I really don’t mind at all for my kids to watch. 3 things I can pick up immediately is that my kids learn a lot of new words by watching it, it contains only good old clean fun that kids should have and Peppa and George don’t try to be adults before the time. Here are some of the things I have learnt from watching Peppa Pig : )

  • Sometimes we just need to forget about everything and jump in a muddy puddle!

We get so caught up in trying to work and make money and work and clean and wash and de-clutter the same stuff we just bought and then buy some more…and the cycle goes on. We need to just slow down, and do something fun to relax and touch the moment.

  • We need to help the neighbour whose car broke down or whose tortoise is stuck in the tree

Community is important, we need to be there to support other families when they are in need. “No man is an island”, we need to try and be less self – absorbed, and be there for those in need.

  • Dads always think they are an expert at everything, but they aren’t, Mum is 

LOL dudes, we love you to help us out but if you say you know what you are doing, make sure you know what you are doing ; )

  • Kids will be kids

They cry for almost everything, have tantrums, make a noise, write on the desks at Daddy’s work, leave toys lying around, and mix the cake mixture till it spills all over the table. We have to guide them with love and patience. They weren’t meant to behave like adults! They will not do these things when they are adults. Let them behave like kids, they won’t get that time back again

  • They might call you grumpy, call you messy or say you have a big tummy – it’s not that serious

Kids sometimes say weird things to taunt parents, which may be misunderstood to be disrespectful. They love us so much, they adore us and look up to us, they are just playing, we should laugh it off, and join in the fun.

  • Mummy Pig reads to the kids before bedtime

This is a perfect way for parents and kids to wind down, review the good points of the day, and build on that, review the bad parts, then forgive and forget about that. It is a perfect time for cuddles and calm – downtime. A stressed-out kid will find it difficult to sleep. Read more about the benefits of reading bedtime stories here.

  • Mummy Pig always teaches the kids about whatever activity she is doing

You should converse with them, and teach them all the things you do in day – to – day life, our lives as parents need not be separate from theirs. They learn so much from their mothers talking to them. We should do a running commentary of what we are doing, especially at the ages 2-3 when they experience an explosion in their vocabulary.

  • Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig never take out their mobile phones and Tablets while they spend time with their family

Mums and Dads should not be walking around with phones glued to our eyes and hands. When we spend time with our kids we should look them in their eyes, bend down at their level, turn our bodies towards them, and give them our undivided attention. Parents being too busy with mobile devices around small children can cause serious disconnection. Read more about that here.

  • We should play with our kids, take them on trips and adventures.

Taking your kids to the sea, sand, museums, nature, the library etc provides them with experiences that can never be experienced in any school or on any Nat Geo show.

  • It’s not worth it to persuade or argue with your kid, that he can’t have a dinosaur

The small things in life count, sometimes something which may seem so insignificant to us, can make a child so happy. How often do we make our kids cry, and how often do we make our kids laugh??

  • Mums and Dads should not fight in front of kids, they should love and respect each other.

  • Dads can help with bath times after the kids play in the mud

Parents need to take turns to have one – on- one time with their kids and…Mums need a rest sometimes : )

  • Dads can cook spaghetti 

Or any other food for that matter! Mums need a rest sometimes ; )

  • It’s good to spoil Mummy once in a while and let her do nothing 

Mums need a rest sometimes ; )

  • Peppa and George play inside and outside a lot and don’t watch too much TV

Kids, especially very small kids, shouldn’t be left for hours in front of the TV, it prevents them from challenging their minds and developing motor skills. Read more about the harms too much TV can have for kids, here.

So go home and turn the devices off, hug your kids, run, jump, play or read to them!!

Anything you think I have left out of this list? Let me know in the comments below!



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Zaahida is a mother of 3, Islamic Scholar, Doula & Founder of The Nurture Co. She is completing her certifications in Childbirth Education, Bereavement facilitation and Aromatherapy. The company's mission is to educate Muslim couples with trauma-informed, evidence-based and faith-based teachings and information to support families throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and early parenting.

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  1. Peppa Pig is one of our favourites too! I love it, probably more than the kids who prefer to watch Pokemon at the moment, LOL. I love how wholesome it is. There are way to few wholesome shows available for our kids now days 🙁

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