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The best of you are those who are a benefit to mankind – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Hi, Welcome to my online Home!


I’m Zaahida. I’m a certified WOMBS South Africa (Women Offering Mothers Birth Support) Doula, ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association) trained Childbirth Educator, and Mama Nurture Bereavement Facilitator – in -training, on the journey to certification.


I grew up learning about Essential Oils from my Mom who was an Aromatherapist. I have also completed training in using Homeopathic remedies in the home and I’m in the process of certifying in Aromatherapy.


I have been researching and writing about wellness, my homebirth experience, labour, birth, parenting tips and advice over the past 4 years. Check out some of my features over here. I have a background in Arabic & Islamic Theology and 6 years of teaching.


I love simplifying concepts and teaching what I know and especially using technology and the internet to make learning fun and interactive for Millenials.



My husband and I co-own Nurture Support Educate Co. Our mission is to provide family-centred support to couples during the journey of pregnancy, birth, labour, postpartum and early parenting. Listen to one of Tariq Joel’s features here. 

Recently having joined the ICEA International Relations Sub – Committee, I look forward to connecting to childbirth educators worldwide to see what we can do to collectively change birth outcomes for women regardless of language, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. 

As we are now in the wake of a Global Crisis due to the Corona Virus COVID_19 Pandemic I am offering Online Doula Services to support partners throughout this time of uncertainty.


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I am busy working on a resource on  Covid_19 and Pregnancy for you, in the meantime, be sure to download my PDF guide to an empowered birth