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Assalaamu Alaykum my name is Zaahida.

I have given birth 3 times in different settings and had my own personal experiences of birth trauma and perinatal and postpartum depression.

I can truly say that I know the far-reaching effects of lack of availability of evidence-based childbirth information in our community and a supportive network of like-minded birthing mothers and families and even moreso, a huge gap for something that caters specifically to the needs of Muslim families.

I have taken my learnings from my births, my teaching experience and my Islamic Studies, birth and bereavement training and various forms of personal development and alternative medicine therapies in order to fill this gap and to formulate a method to support Expectant Muslim parents in experiencing an informed birth & raising thriving and happy families. And this is how the Nurture company was born.

the nurture co

Birth, life and death are all a part of our journey and Islam is not a part of it, but rather a way of life that we should adhere to along this sojourn.

Each individual is part of a family, and families are integral building blocks making up society. When the family is upright and healthy (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically), the individuals raised from this family will be upright, and when the individuals are upright, his family, in turn, will be upright, and so we build an upright Ummah insha’Allah. 

We understand the need to encourage a culture of living our lives completely in submission and in the pursuit of pleasing Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala while following the example of our beloved prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam and the strength of the bond of spouses and the whole family unit, is integral to the strength and unity of the Muslim Ummah.

Hence we aim to nurture, support & educate families with family-centred, evidence-based, trauma-informed education, mentoring & coaching, underpinned with teaching from Quran & Sunnah from marriage to birth, postpartum, parenting & beyond.

The Nurture Co is a family-run consulting and Education Company based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and working globally.

We offer Childbirth Education Consultations and Classes, Mentoring & Coaching for Fathers, and resources for the seeker of Deeni knowledge.


our mission

To improve birth outcomes for all families globally despite colour, language, ethnicity, socioeconomic status. 

To make good – quality, professional, evidence-based, family – centred information and services more readily available.

To decrease trauma,

To decrease Post Partum Depression and anxiety,

To decrease the divorce rate and

To promote healthy, peaceful, conscious and thriving Muslim family relationships.


the founder

Zaahida grew up learning about Essential Oils from her late Mom who was an Aromatherapist.

She obtained a Diploma in Arabic & Islamic Studies from Madrasatus Saalihaat Arabic Girls College, Port Elizabeth in 2009 and taught the same for over 7 years.

She loves taking complicated concepts and simplifying them, as well as using technology and the internet to make learning fun and interactive for adults. She has thus been researching and writing about Islam, wellness, homebirth, labour, birth, parenting tips and advice over the past 5 years. Read some of her articles here.

She qualified as a Labour & Birth Doula through WOMBS (Women Offering Mothers Birth Support) in 2017.

She has also attended training in using Homeopathic remedies in the home through Dr Chiquita Vosloo from Natura, and Pharmacist and owner of Pegasus Homeopathics, Ian Wheeler. 

She started her training as a Childbirth Educator in November 2018 through the International Childbirth Education Association, USA, with Bonita Katz, former President, and certified in April 2021 .

She attended training for bereavement facilitation with Samala Kriedemann from Mama Nurture and is in the process of certifying in Aromatherapy through the Centre of Excellence UK.

She is a member of DOSA (Doulas of South Africa), Evidence-Based Birth Professionals and the sub – committee of ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association) International Relations. And occasionally assists with marketing and admin for IMASA Islamic Medical Association SA – Port Elizabeth Branch.

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our dad coach

About Taariq,

Mohammed Taariq Joel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic.

After completing his studies he spent a year in travel and humanitarian work.

He has over 9 years of experience in teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies to English speakers. He is Multilingual, speaking English, Arabic, Afrikaans and Urdu. He was responsible for teaching and counselling children and teenagers in underprivileged areas.

He studied Personal Growth and Counselling and certified under Psychologist, Basheera Isaacs, holds a Certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and has trained in Family & Perinatal Bereavement Facilitation with Samala Kriedemann, Social Worker & Bereavement Doula.

He is currently Manager at the Council of Ulema Eastern Cape (CUEC), Aalimiyya Studies teacher at Ma’hadus Suffa and auditor for South African National Halaal Authorities (SANHA) for the Eastern Cape.


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why choose us?

Our most important values are Islam and modesty so you can be assured that working with us is a sacred and spiritually uplifting experience

We believe that birth is a normal family event, not a medical emergency

We fully understand the need for education of males and we embrace a family – centred approach. The birth of a baby means not only just that, but birth of a mother and a father and the whole family!

We fully stand for those who are affected by racial, cultural, language and socioeconomic disparity

We fully understand the challenges that systemic racism poses and the lack of access to proper education and healthcare access and we keep this top of mind

We work with an Equity pricing structure which is inspired by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), so those in a 3rd world country don’t pay the same as those in a 1st world country



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