Who am I?

zaahida joel

I’m Zaahida Nathoo – Joel. I ‘m 31 years old and I live in a sunny coastal city in the Eastern Cape, South Africa with my husband and 3 kids.

I had always been interested in health & Wellness.


Ever since I was a child I watched and learned in amazement from my mom who was an Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. I helped her put together her thesis by hand – illustrating some of the plants she wrote about and have always loved essential oils and never stopped learning

I am a Teacher


I studied Arabic Language & Islamic Theology for 5 years after school then taught Quraan Translation, Hadeeth (Prophetic Traditions) & Islamic Jurisprudence for 6 years. A calling and a labour of love I temporarily put on hold, in order to focus on bringing all these ideas in my head, to fruition.

I am designing a life I love that suits my personality and my lifestyle & my family


I started this business so that I could have flexibility in my schedule, fit my work around my family and meet new people from different corners of the world without having to leave my home?, unless I want to catch up with my peeps with a cup a of tea and chocolate cake! And duh, cos I just love what I do!

I’m a Parenting & Lifestyle Blogger


It started with a bit of parenting & lifestyle blogging in 2016 at my first little online home, Journey with mum Blog, I started as a Community and support for moms through their childbearing and parenting years.

Logic, Systems, Analytics, Strategy Geek…(because INTJ)


In setting up my Blog, Business Strategy and my Social media plan, everything was self – taught, and that is when I fell in love with Tech and Digital Marketing and started learning Web Design, Front – End Web Development and Sales Funnels.

I’m a Holistic Doula


I officially started this Virtual Assistant Business in 2017, then put my business on hold for the remainder of the year to complete my training as a WOMBS (Women Offering Mothers Birth Support) Certified Doula. One of my biggest dreams was to be part of the birthing team ? and now I get to be a support to moms at their most vulnerable time and witness the most amazing miracles. read more about my Doula Services here.

Now I am so excited to bring together all my skills and my passion in order to help overwhelmed, non – techy Creative Entrepreneurs !


In January this year, I picked up this one again ? and did some tweaks, a re-brand and am re-launching this year so that I can serve all the other creative entrepreneurs who don’t have time to figure the Tech stuff out, and help them grow their businesses too!!

I am an Introvert, an intuitive, an empath, a strategic & deep – thinker & a Brainstormer


I was the loner kid who read the whole library  –nah just kidding, maybe only half! My insatiable curiosity and love for learning never ends, and it lights me up when I figure out complex problems, turn them into easy and actionable strategies, and teach and share them with others so that they don’t have to waste their time figuring it out like I did.




As much as I love using technology to automate my processes in my business, I love collecting and reading real books and writing mad – scientist notes in pencil all over.


Total Workaholic


My ideal Friday night besides the occasional eating out ?, is staying at home and working on my projects cool?.

Unapologetic Introvert


I am socially anxious amongst large groups of humans lol but I am totally cool when you speak to me one – on – one, as long as you are of my people – you know… changemakers, deep – thinkers and those who don’t waste their time speaking crap about others wink

I don’t care much for the limelight so I much prefer working alone cool from my home office, behind the scenes, helping you amazing ladies shine online!

xx Zaahida

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