Are you aware of the Humanitarian Crisis in Syria?: A review of “Jasmine in the Wind”

Are you aware of the Humanitarian Crisis happening in Syria?

A Review of  Jasmine in the Wind

While you mindlessly scroll through the perfectly arranged plates of food and patterned cappuccinos on Instagram, while you groan impatiently after waiting 2 minutes too long at the traffic light in your comfortable car? Or while you die of boredom when the electricity goes out for 3 hours? Are you aware of the death and pain and suffering the children of Syria undergo?

Jasmine in the Wind is a short, 30 paged fictional story (based on reality) of a little Syrian refugee girl and her family and the incidents they suffer in order to be safe, written by Ayesha Desai, cover illustration by Jenny Reynish and published by Prolance, California USA.

We accompany her on “her harrowing journey to safety and freedom.”

The air in the tunnel was stale, and dry, and Afraa thought she was going to pass out a few times. Yahya, she was sure was already unconscious.

We share her heartache…

Other times, she imagined him, watching them from his window, making sure that they left safely, and then she saw his happy face being smashed, and had images of blood and horror in her little mind, that should never be in the mind of a child.

her suffering,

They were made to empty their bags, and sit on the pavement. They missed school that day. They were thirsty and hungry, and the soldiers were terrifying. They stopped more schoolgirls throughout the day. All the children were made to empty their schoolbags, and simply sit there in the sun.

her random thoughts…

Staying in the hall was difficult, the place was crowded, and the bathrooms inadequate. But as more people came through the doorways and they heard more stories of other horrors in the refugee camps, and border closures, and assaults
by the locals, Afraa made peace with the fact that there was no rewind button to the last few years of her life.

…and her nostalgic memories

“Whilst she learns to love her new home, a part of her heart will  always be buried in the roots of the jasmine bush outside  her parent’s room window in Syria.”

…and whenever she visited the refugee welcoming center with Baba, she would sit with the children, and tell those tales of a Syria long ago……Afraa spoke of a time when the air hung heavy with the scent of spices and smiles, not with gunpowder and fear. Most of these children had never known such a Syria, most of their parents had forgotten. Baba always smiled when he heard her stories, and said she should write them down, so she could share them….

The author, Ayesha Desai is a South African Writer and Blogger, winner of The Muslimah Blogger Awards 2016 for the best Parenting and educational blog.

“In this debut novel by Ayesha Desai, we get to see her love and passion for things close
to her heart.

She currently resides in Pretoria, South Africa with her husband and 2 young children. Ayesha is passionate about reading and this has evolved into a love of writing. Whilst this is her first published book, she has been writing for the last 20 years and blogging since 2013. She is a nature and outdoor enthusiast but is equally happy baking at home with her children on a rainy day. Currently employed in the corporate sector, she still makes time to indulge her creative nature, by painting, and of course, writing.”

Buy Jasmine in the wind by Ayesha Desai, South African Writer

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I could not put this book down until I had finished it. I sobbed and I sobbed and I sobbed from about halfway through the book right until the end. It hurts. It hurts that any child has to endure these sufferings. While we complain about small inconveniences. It hurts that these Syrian Children have to see “images of blood and horror in her little mind, that should never be in the mind of a child.”

I urge every single Mother and Father to walk in little Afraa’s broken sandals for a few moments. Enlighten yourself and your children about what is happening in the world around them! This book should be read and discussed in every household and school! It takes a mere half an hour to read this book. Support this amazing Proudly South African writer and grab your copy now by clicking on the above image!

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