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1 in 6 women in 1st world countries reported being mistreated while in labour.


This included ‘’loss of autonomy, being shouted at, scolded, or threatened, and being ignored, refused, or receiving no response to requests for help”.

This was more common among women of colour, of lower socioeconomic status, and women under the age of 30. What do you think the statistics will look like in 3rd world countries?

The only way there will be change, is to start educating ourselves about the rights of a birthing woman and her family, and taking a stand for it.

In saying this, I don’t necessarily mean litigations and kicking up a fuss, but rather knowing your preferences and communicating it respectfully beforehand.  


in a recent study 1 in 7 women suffered from Postpartum Depression


And did you know that up to 1 in 10 fathers suffer from Postpartum Depression?

This has nothing to do with the physiology of a male, or his hormones, but rather the stress of having a baby.

This rate can increase to 1 in 2 for the fathers when the mother is suffering from Postpartum Depression.

this doesn’t have to be you and your family.

when couples take time to learn about childbirth early, this can prevent trauma & depression, build a healthy marriage & strong family.

Our online childbirth education practice is open & ready to serve you 

I don’t know how I would manage without all the support, knowledge and encouragement from Zaahida. I highly recommend her services

– Ameena Jamal

Welcome to the Nurture Company Pty Ltd

We are a family -run company, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and working globally.

Childbirth educators understand that birth is a normal life event that deserves a family –  centred circle of care for the birthing woman and her family. 

We focus on wellness, health promotion, knowledge of informed consent, evidence-based care, and the use of nonmedical and self-care techniques to encourage a normal physiologic pregnancy, labour, and birth. 

Consulting with a childbirth educator doesn’t in any way replace consultation with your primary healthcare provider but rather we work as part of a team which includes the birthing mother, family, healthcare providers including midwives and doulas, and community resources. 

The key person in this circle, being the birthing mother.



Zaahida prepped us in advance and was a great help throughout the birthing process.Her professionalism and experience is highly valued and recommended

– Razaana & Faaiq Andrews

Who am I?

My name is Zaahida, and I am the founder of The Nurture Company.

I have given birth 3 times in different settings and had my own personal experiences of birth trauma and perinatal and postpartum depression.

I can truly say that I know the far-reaching effects of lack of availability of evidence-based childbirth information in our community and a supportive network of like-minded birthing mothers and even moreso, a huge gap for something that caters specifically to the needs of Muslim families.

I have taken my learnings from my births, my years of teaching experience and my continued studying; Islamic Studies, birth and bereavement training and various forms of personal development and natural healing therapies in order to formulate a method to support Expectant Muslim parents in personal development, working through past trauma, experiencing an informed birth & raising thriving and happy families. READ MORE >>

Who am I?

As interviewed in:

islam the way of life Ml Shaheen Ismail
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To improve birth outcomes for women all over the world, regardless of colour, language, ethnicity, socioeconomic status. To make good – quality, professional, evidence-based information and services more readily available. To decrease birth trauma, to decrease Post Partum Depression, To decrease the divorce rate and to increase the amount of thriving and happy Muslim families.

We are extremely excited to announce that we are operating on a Global Equity Pricing Basis inspired by the International Childbirth Education Association. You pay according to the country category you live in. 

Appa Zaahida was someone I already knew and respected. Working with her provided professional support and emotional comfort.

– Hannaah & Rezaan Baartzes

you can hire a childbirth educator if

You want a vaginal birth

You are scheduled for a Caesarian birth

You are having a homebirth

You are being induced

You have a birth partner

You are a single expecting mom

It is your first birth

It is your 5th birth

You have hired a doula

You have hired a midwife

You have hired an Ob/Gyn

What a wonderful person she was…Zaahida was so supportive. She gave me information about what to expect in labour that I never heard of before…she made me feel relaxed and calm even though I was stressed

– Ameena Jamal

What we offer: 

Birth consultations:

30 – minute


Q & A

Pick my brain

Birth Planning

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Working with Zaahida has given me ease of mind before labour and plenty of reassurance to trust myself and my body’s capabilities to birth my baby. Before, I was unsure and nervous of the unknown and birthing alone previously was nerve-wracking

– Anke Oberem

1 – hr


Q & A

Birth Planning

or Mini-class.

Mini Class topic examples:

 Comfort measures, pregnancy nutrition, pain medication pros and cons, VBACS, Breastfeeding, etc.

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“…now I’m pleased and proud that with all the information, support and help Zaahida offered, I had my healing birth.

– Anke Oberem

Frequently asked questions: 

Q. What can be expected from a Birth Consultation?

This is education/ Consultation and Coaching tailored to suit your needs! I do not diagnose or treat. I can address any fears you may have, and coach you on your mindset for your birth, I can answer any questions and concerns you may have, I can assist you with your birth planning, do a once-off mini-class eg. breastfeeding, comfort measures, pregnancy nutrition, pain medication pros and cons, VBACS etc.

Q. Is this a medical consultation?

No.  This is not medical or clinical advice. This does not replace your visit with your Physician, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist or midwife. But we work as part of a family-centred circle of care, you as the birthing mother, being the key person in the circle.

Q. Can't I just google all this information or ask my friend?

So much of the information online is inaccurate, outdated or untrue. Lucky for you and your partner, I thrive on gathering and curating all latest evidence-based information and presenting it to you in a simple and engaging manner that is easy to understand. I also take into consideration any trauma that you may have gone through previously. I use my own birth and life experiences, teachings from my personal development coaches, my 8 years of teaching experience. And did I mention that I have the best mentors in the international birthing industry? See my memberships and affiliations here.

Q. How does this process work?

Your time as a couple is of utmost importance to me. You reach out to me via email –, I send you payment details and booking link including a questionnaire so that you can explain your goals to me. We will also sign a professional Indemnity and Non Disclosure form.

If any research needs to be done, that will be done by me before the time, so that you gain the most out of your time with me. On the day I connect with mom, or both mom and dad, via phone call or Zoom, whichever is your preference.

Feel free to book a FREE quick check-in phone call for up to 15 mins if you are not sure what your needs are. 

Q. Do you offer in-person doula support?

Q. Do you work with couples in Port Elizabeth?

Yes, we do, but we will work online, not in – person.

We work with couples all over the world. Please reach out to receive the Equity pricing based on country, if you know someone somewhere else in the world who needs our help.

Q. Do you only work with Muslim Families?

No. We love working with families from all walks of life. Though having studied Islam for 5 years and teaching for over 8 years, we do specialise in catering to the needs, and values of Muslim families.

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