dads need to talk too...

did you know that Pregnancy and birth can play a major role in a father’s life too?

In a recent study 1 in 10 fathers suffered from Postpartum Depression

 And this rate can increase to 1 in 2 for the fathers when the mother is suffering from Postpartum Depression. 

Depressed fathers:

are less likely to bond with their baby

are less likely to positively interact with their children eg playing games, bathing them, reading to them

are more likely to spank their children

are more prone to marital conflict in the home

are more likely to engage in substance abuse and domestic violence

Did you know that most divorces happen due to problems that started in the postpartum period?

“Psychotherapist and marriage researcher John Gottman studied couples from the newlywed period through the transition to parenthood.

He discovered most couple break-ups within the first seven years were because they became parents.

A staggering 67% of couples in the study reported a decline in relationship satisfaction after the arrival of the first baby”

this doesn’t have to be you and your family.

When couples take time to learn about marriage and childbirth early and take the time to learn to improve communication and conflict resolution skills, this can prevent trauma & depression, build a healthy marriage & strong family.

Our Family – Centred Education and Coaching Practice is open & ready to serve you, Welcome to the Nurture Company Pty Ltd. We are a family -run company, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and working globally. 

our mission

To make good – quality, professional, evidence-based, family – centred information and services more readily available.

To decrease trauma,

To decrease Post Partum Depression and anxiety,

To decrease the divorce rate and

To promote healthy, peaceful, conscious and thriving Muslim family relationships.

Regardless of colour, language, ethnicity, socioeconomic status.


what we offer

1 – hr counselling 


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who’s your counsellor?

Mohammed Taariq Joel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic.

After completing his studies he spent a year in India and Pakistan doing Dawah and Tabligh work.

He has over 10 years of experience in teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies to English speakers. He is Multilingual, speaking English, Arabic, Afrikaans and Urdu. He was responsible for teaching and counselling children and teenagers in underprivileged areas.

He studied Personal Growth and Counselling and certified under Psychologist, Basheera Isaacs, holds a Certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and has trained in Family & Perinatal Bereavement Facilitation with Samala Kriedemann, Social Worker & Bereavement Doula.

He has many years experiencial childbirth education being his wife’s primary birth support partner and a hands – on dad of 3.

He is currently Office Manager and part of the marriage counselling team at the Council of Ulema Eastern Cape (CUEC), Aalimiyya Studies teacher at Ma’hadus Suffah.

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why choose us?

Our most important values are Islam and modesty so you can be assured that working with us is a sacred and spiritually uplifting experience

We believe that birth is a normal family event, not a medical emergency

We fully understand the need for education of males and we embrace a family – centred approach. The birth of a baby means not only just that, but birth of a mother and a father and the whole family!

We fully stand for those who are affected by racial, cultural, language and socioeconomic disparity

We fully understand the challenges that systemic racism poses and the lack of access to proper education and healthcare access and we keep this top of mind

We work with an equity pricing system, so those in a 3rd world country don’t pay the same as those in a 1st world country


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Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 6057
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