A day in the life of a Work-at-Home-Mum

a day in the life of a stay at home mum - nabeela noorani

When’s the next post?! Are we getting a bonus post tonight? Those are the questions I hear most in my life as a blogger and writer. But, these questions fail in comparison to the repetitive, highly annoying questions which come with mothering preschoolers and toddlers! And when the world basks in the entertainment of every chapter I write purely for their entertainment, I shut my laptop, switch off my smartphone, and attend to my own story.

Motherhood is much the same all over ladies, though we assume, looking from the outside in that others have it easier, or that their experiences are far more glamorous! But while I sit writing the next part of an incredible love story, I am swamped with multiple requests myself.

Aah, here we go. My fingers glide smoothly over the keyboard… man, I’m really getting into it now… It’s coming together so- “Mommy!” “Yes Rayyaan, what is it?” “I’m finished! Come wipe me!” Dutifully, I go and wash my son’s butt, holding my nose in the process, and quickly return to my laptop before I lose the inspiration. Okay… and then- “Eeh, eeeeeh!” My baby slaps my arm firmly, pointing to his dirty Pamper, as an overpowering gust of an odour wafts up to my nose, even smellier than the one emanating from his brother’s excrement. Here we go again. Pretty much, my life revolves around cleaning up crap, literally, as does any mother’s with young children. This, coupled with being a stay at home wife, can be a tough job. But Alhamdulillah, it is a rewarding one, both emotionally and spiritually.

It was after Fajr time, and the two were still sound asleep, and as sleep still beckoned for me, I refused to get some more shut-eye. I mean, my kids were fast asleep, it was a golden opportunity to do something productive uninterrupted, right? A whole two hours flew by, with me still browsing through my Facebook news feed reading up on the most random, yet somehow amusing things. I mean, I watched a video of a cat walking on its hind legs… 4 times over. It was so stupid yet so fascinating. Who does that! And then I read a groundbreaking article on a woman who, while pushing her baby out of the birthing canal, literally, giving birth, had a sexual climax as the baby passed through her. How disturbing yet utterly interesting!

And then, two hours later as I attempt to make my own breakfast, and get some work done, I hear a muffled cry. Oh, snap! I did it again… procrastinated the morning away when it should have been a productive day. While my older son goes to school, saving me somewhat from all the why questions, I am left to entertain the baby. I try to sit him down in front of some educational toys which he has zero interest in, pushes aside, and grabs my phone. He then unlocks it with a smooth swipe, and presses the YouTube icon and starts watching nursery rhymes. Babies of today, I tell you. But, it does the trick in helping me keep him occupied while lunch gets seen to.

And voila, about 3 hours later, due to my little son interrupting me with every known request on the planet, spaghetti bologna is ready, just in time for the big boy and his father to arrive home at lunch time. Then it’s a quick hustle to feed everyone, sometimes unsuccessfully, as somehow the kids always prefer some food made last week Tuesday, which they didn’t want then mind you. And finally, a little bit of a breather as the two doze off for an afternoon nap. I quickly bake some cupcakes as requested, and try once more to complete my writing for the day, which I almost do before realising the time! And oh snap! What to do for dinner? Trying to figure out what to cook is like solving a rubix cube. But the husband comes to my aid and messages me not to cook, he is bringing dinner home.

And while I take some time out, to settle with the book I’ve been battling to complete, a little person comes up behind me, showing me his empty bottle. Darn, break time is over. I get up to prepare his bottle and lay him in my lap, whispering sweet nothings into his little ears which earns me a few delightful giggles. And that sound makes it all worth while. After dinner, it’s wash up, it’s bath time, then some more play time, and then bedtime, which could take anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours. I’m not sure how much time has passed before I realise that I fell asleep in between them in their bed! I get back up, to the bathroom, have a quick shower and pray, and finish my writing for the day before settling into bed with the hubby. I check a million things off a to do list mentally as I switch off the lights. My energy is completely depleted, but my heart is full. Tomorrow is another crazy day.

Nabeela Noorani is the mother to two little boys, Fiction Author of the novel – Six Broken Hearts and founder/blogger over at Tales of the Sisterhood, a blog bearing fictional stories and real-life recollections of issues affecting Muslim women worldwide.

About Zaahida

Zaahida is a mother of 3, Islamic Studies Student & Teacher, Doula & Founder of The Nurture Co. She is completing her certifications in Childbirth Education, Bereavement facilitation, and Aromatherapy. The company's mission is to educate Muslim couples with trauma-informed, evidence-based, and faith-based teachings and information to support families throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and early parenting.

17 thoughts on “A day in the life of a Work-at-Home-Mum

  1. I can feel your pain. Not as a mother but my mom is a stay at home mom. Everyone assumes she just sits on the couch and watch tv all day and then makes dinner. But after I’ve worked from home and see the things she does at home all day, I get really upset when people say she doesn’t do anything.

    Keep up the amazing work you are doing! I can honestly say I am very glad my mom was a stay at home mom. I think our relationship would be different if she wasn’t.

    1. Haha yes that is why, late at night when they are sleeping, works best for me. They probably pick up cell phone skill quickly cos they see us busy checking our phones while we breastfeed them ; )

  2. This is spot on! I work from home as well and it’s so hard to concentrate. I do my best work when they go to bed but then I’m exhausted the next day. You’re right, it’s all worth it for those baby giggles. 🙂

    1. Hahaaha definitely!! I myself do my best work when they are sleeping too and then I am messed the next day! When I try and work while they are awake the house turns into a tornado.Literally.like.tasmanian.devil.has.attacked

    1. Thanks for reading Farrah. Yes Nabeela Noorani’s post describes the real deal that we as WAHMS go through! Definitely so worth it to be able to spend the formative years with your kids. Will go and check out your blog too : )

  3. I know this all too well! Haha being a stay at home mom is a lot tougher then most think. It’s a constant job that allows for very little break. Nap time is my saving grace 😉


    1. Yeah sometimes I think maybe it would be easier to work in an office, then we know cut-off time is cut-off time… As a WAHM, we just go from work to work to work!! Haahaha, but at the same time, I wouldn’t give this up for the world!! Being able to be there for your kids when they need you is priceless!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading Trinity! Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes we really need these positive words because we go through times where we feel like we are just muddling through and mesing up! I always had a dream that I would have an established biz before I had kids, and that little plan of mine didn’t work out lol. God had his own plans : )

  4. Love this, I have so much respect for moms, don’t know how you do it! Definitely had to laugh at the “come wipe me” I live with my nephews and when I hear aunty I’m done pooping I definitely cringe a little every time haha

    1. LOL yes I also don’t know how we do it. I admit tho’ that I still don’t have everything figured out. I am still learning more and more about coping skills and which path is best for me. Haha yes the pooping usually does happen when we are deeply engrossed in something : )

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