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where it all began


I started using & learning about essential oils 23 years ago when my late mom started her training as an Aromatherapist. I was her main case study and I absolutely adored being massaged with blends that she would lovingly mix for what I was feeling that day. I especially remember mom mixing fennel & peppermint for my tummy.

I soaked up all the info as I sat by her while she researched, wrote and compiled her thesis, and watched in wonderment when she made anti – wrinkle creams with her oils. Her skin was always so beautiful and youthful

And so throughout my life, essential oils were part of my dental, beauty regime and my birth comfort measure. But never did I witness such a shift with oils as I did when I started using doTERRA Essential oils in September 2018.

my big virtuous why


Again. My mom. I grew up watching my mom taking medication for anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. Yet she still suffered from the same.

       sickness after sickness

At some point, she started developing sickness after sickness. First it was breast cancer, then it was high blood pressure, then it was diabetes.

And of course, doctors quickly prescribed drug after drug after drug…. My mom had a cocktail of prescription medications to take every day of her life. I wonder if any of the doctors knew if there was any effects of interactions between all of these medications? 

a cocktail of prescription medications

Fast forward to my teen years and my once beautiful, bouncy lively mom started getting shaky, couldn’t walk properly, doctors said her heart was weak.

She consulted with so many different doctors and we just couldn’t understand what was wrong with her. Maybe it was Parkinsons. Maybe not. Nevertheless we tried all the medications the doctors prescribed


And then began the harrowing last 5 years of my mom’s life. As my siblings and I sat sometimes at night discussing our research, so many of the symptoms she suffered from were actual side effects listed in the medications she was taking… 

Some of the side effects of the tricyclic antidepressant she took were “cardiovascular instability. It should be used with caution in patients with diabetes, high blood pressure…”

While I finished my Islamic studies, got married and witnessed the miracle of life when my first daughter was born, ironically, I watched my mother’s life slow down. She could hardly walk, she could hardly eat and she became so skinny.

i watched my mom’s life slow down

Who would have known that the pains that she had in her tummy one night (and her tummy was something she never complained about), the pains that she described as if she was in labour, would be the eventual cause of her passing away?

She was hospitalised, she had a blockage in her colon. The doctor was so reassuring, he told her he would make her better. They operated on her, but she was too weak to make it through. Her heart was only operating at 30 percent of its capacity, and she passed away from septicaemia. 

Later I learnt from a homoeopathic doctor that the diabetes medication she used to take can cause intestinal inflammation

So I was determined


From this moment on in my life, I took it very seriously to try my utmost not only to find a natural solution that works and doesn’t cause adverse side effects, BEFORE I revert to a drug for myself and my family. But also to  consult with coaches and practitioners so that we can work our family’s mindset health and emotions proactively instead of reactively.

I am here to tell you that there ARE natural solutions, they do work, and there are people who can care for and support you along your journey.


Most lifestyle diseases are caused by previous trauma, or current stress which manifests in your body, or what you put into your gut.. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have huge respect for all doctors! And there is always a place and time for medication!

What drew me to doterra was their impeccable quality and transparency. The company culture of serving and sisterhood.  And their efforts in empowering farmers in many different countries and making a difference in the world.

What I do believe, is that no one knows YOU better than you! And we don’t have to hand over the decision making in a silver platter to anyone else. doTERRA encourages us to become the CEO of our healthcare and that we should have: 

a healer in every home

What I love about doTERRA as a company is that it encourages a proactive wellness lifestyle:

  • Eat healthily
  • Drink your water
  • Exercise
  • Take little actions every day to reduce your stress, induce calm
  • Pray, meditate, do your affirmations, work on your personal development
  • Reduce your toxic load into your body and in your household 

why doTERRA Essential Oils?

What makes them so different? Short Answer: A LOT! Long answer: There is no governing body over the essential oil industry. So a company could very well label their oil 100 % pure yet it contains fillers. So we have to dig deeper than the label:



Where the plants are sourced. doTERRA sources all our oils from where the plants are indigenous to so the constituents which give each oil it’s healing benefit is most effective. (source to you)


Co – Impact Sourcing. doTERRA has 90% exclusive partnerships with our farmers. They do not use a middleman, and they pay fair wages to the farmers, set them up with training and jobs and schools and clinics. They lift entire communities by partnering up with many developing countries around the world including Somalia Kenya Nepal.



Every batch of oil is tested to guarantee purity & potency, so this is how you know that they work, and they are not just a fragrance. The oils go through a rigorous 8 – step testing process through a third party and over 40 tests are done internally.



Transparency. doTERRA has full transparency with their customers and they are willing to release the results to their customers. This is how we know that what we’re purchasing doesn’t contain adulterations, pesticides or harmful chemicals. At the bottom of your bottle of oil, you can see your quality ID which you can enter into this website to see the batch results.


doTERRA gives back. Through the doTERRA healing Hands Foundation they have built medical centres, schools, and provide pads for underprivileged girls through the Days for Girls Initiative. 



It’s the service that comes with the oils that make the biggest difference. There are 7 million people experiencing the benefits of doTERRA, and they didn’t buy it off the shelves of a store. They were taught by someone who took the time to learn about the oils and who were willing to share. When you buy doTERRA products you are not compensating the head of a company who hasn’t had contact with his product for years. You are supporting a colleague who has been diligently studying and discovering their own personal results and teaching you what works.


doTERRA is revolutionising healthcare. It has a panel of doctors and scientists continuously doing research and making improvements. I haven’t seen such a huge amount of medical professionals standing behind a brand as I have seen with doTERRA.

It is being used as a control in the US to teach Doctors about essential oils, because the quality is so consistent. And medical aids in the US are starting to cover for doTERRA essential oils!

the difference doTERRA has made in my life


I used to suffer from Chronic Fatigue. I would wake up in the morning, take the kids to school, then do a bit of work. After fetching them from school, I would rush to make them sandwiches, so I could just lie down because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I would let them watch cartoons most of the afternoon just so that I could get some sleep and when I would wake up I was so groggy and irritable I wasn’t able to engage with them. So much time was wasted as I wasn’t able to do any kind of work that required my eyes being open, after 1 pm!

I also suffered from such terrible feelings of being bloated. I realised I wasn’t even eating supper anymore. I was just continuously bloated. 

The problems that were a result was that the mom guilt was so bad. How could I let them have so much screen time? I wish I could just play a bit more with them and talk to them. I was even more frustrated because I had been sleeping, I had to help them late at night with homework. I felt so despondent as I was making no progress in my business…I just had no energy, I didn’t have any clients and wasn’t making any money, because I was only functioning for 3 hours every morning in which I basically showered, ate and did some washing and read my emails!


by taking the Lifelong vitality Supplement, I have energy in the morning, afternoon and night, my moods and focus are better. It has made a huge difference in my mood, my energy and my overall capabilities!

With a drop of lemon in my water daily and the occasional drop of Zengest on my tummy, my digestion runs more smoothly and I feel cleansed and refreshed from the inside out

I have extra energy, I am so excited. I go get what I want. I have my family time when I want and I have a nap now and again when I need to because I don’t feel guilty anymore as I could get so much more done in a short space of time.

I use melaleuca to lighten my blemishes. Peppermint to help relieve my migraines and Deep Blue rub on my swollen wrists instead of taking 6 Prednisone (it’s a glucocorticoid medication (which suppresses the immune system), and was the only thing that could relieve my rheumatic pains in my body before I discovered Deep blue)!

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