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Feel in control, calm supported & nurtured during your birth and get treated like the queen that you are

birth can feel intimidating


The idea of labour and birth can be intimidating and overwhelming as it is

Then thoughts of being in a hospital can make it feel even scarier; thoughts of needles, bright lights, doctors and the clinical smell of a hospital can put anyone in a state of anxiety. 

thoughts of needles, bright lights, doctors and the clinical smell of a hospital can put anyone in a state of anxiety.

Maybe you’re here because, after a previously disappointing birth, you are feeling fearful about the outcome of your next birth or Maybe you have no idea what to expect because this is your first pregnancy

You would like your husband or birth partner to accompany you during labour, but they are apprehensive as they haven’t a clue how to support you

Maybe there is no-one close to you who is available to support you at your birth and you hate the thought of “inconveniencing” someone in the middle of the night?

call the doula!


Did you know that there exists, such human beings in the world, whose passion is to make you feel heard, empowered and confident during your birth?

Her only job is to continuously support you from the time you are expecting till postpartum, to be your friend, your confidante, to answer your every beck and call during labour, give you the respect you deserve, and make you feel like a queen.

Her calm presence is like a ray of warm light surrounding you and your family.

Not only is she professionally trained, but she has an extra special intuitive understanding of mothers and love for birth.  

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it”

– John H Kennel, MD

You think you’re in labour, then you think you’re not, not sure when to call help and your worry of not wanting to feel a burden anyone has you in anxiety…which slows your labour down even more…

Not all birthplaces or service providers have the patience to be understanding of how you feel during birth

What if it’s been a tenuous labour and hubby can’t keep his eyes open any longer?

Imagine you have someone who is a text-message away when you’re in doubt, who won’t mind you sending pics of your  “mucous plug” to check if you’re really in labour? 

Imagine if you had someone who knows exactly what it feels like to go through these labour pains and can apply pressure on your back or massage your shoulders to comfort you.

She can guide your husband on what to do to help you best, so as to facilitate a good relationship and experience between you two.

Imagine if you and your husband could just concentrate on bonding with each other and baby, because the stress of everything else is taken care of.


you can hire a doula if

You want a vaginal birth

You are having a homebirth

You have a birth partner

You are a single expecting mom

It is your first birth

It is your 5th birth

“One of the most effective tools to improve labour & delivery outcomes is the continuous presence of support personnel such as a doula”

– The American College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (ACOG) & The Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

As doulas and mothers, we GET THAT. We have been trained in the process of physiological birth and the movements and emotions and hormones that facilitate the divinely designed process.

We believe that birth is a perfectly normal family event and we feel completely comfortable with it. 

We are also aware that any Fear you may experience can cause tension, which can result in more pain and possible complications. So we take it upon us to keep you relaxed, calm, comfortable and to enjoy your birth.

Doula” is a Greek word meaning “in the service of women”,

Doula” is a Greek word meaning “in the service of women”, and is used to describe a professionally trained Labour Support Companion who supports you physically and emotionally. She works collegially as part of your birth team with respect and understanding that you need to consult with your primary caregiver for medical advice.

Your Obstetrician or Gynaecologist may not be on-call when you are in labour and the labour nurses or midwives may need to change shift in the middle of your labour, forcing you to get used to someone new…

Your Doula, however, is the only member of your birth team, who offers her continuous support throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and even postpartum, whether you have to be transferred to a different hospital or not. This allows you a chance to establish a close relationship with your Doula, who can assist you specifically according to your likes, dislikes and preferences. When you book your doula, she is on – call for 4 weeks around your expected due date.

And Yes. 


While everyone worries about the new baby. Most forget to MOTHER THE MOTHER

It is now widely recognized that choosing to add a labour support person to one’s birth team can yield many positive benefits. Your memories of your birth experience last a lifetime and can have powerful effects on your self-esteem and confidence and the emotional well – being of your baby too.                                                                            

benefits of hiring a doula

Several research studies have shown that women who were supported by a doula during labour have:

  • Labour that is less painful
  • Feelings of being more in control of birth
  • Less anxiety after birth
  • Less maternal fever
  • Feelings of increased self – confidence
  • A lower incidence of Post Partum Depression
  • Shortened Labour (length of labour by 25 %)
  • Increased Breastfeeding rate
  • Improved relationships with their partners
  • Improved Maternal interaction with Baby
  • Decreased Caesarian Birth rate by 50 %
  • Increased personal support from the father during labour
  • Positive birth experience and feelings after Birth
  • Increased Maternal co-operation
  • Increased outcome of spontaneous vaginal birth
  • Decreased use of Oxytocin to stimulate labour by 40 %
  • Decreased use of Narcotic pain Drugs by 30 %
  • Decreased use of Forceps
  • Decreased requests for Epidural, by 60 %


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