Encouraging the youth to read Quran in Ramadhan

Many times it is a personal battle for our kids and teenagers actually having to sit and read Quran. How can we encourage them to read the Quraan more?

I always feel that regularly one should take stock of your life, look at what your life is currently looking like today.

And think about the bigger picture  (ok for this question we will just be referring to our thoughts on our children) what kind of atmosphere is it you would like in your home, what is it that you would like your children’s character to be like, to not be like, would you like your children to be children who read the Quraan often, who have memorised and act upon the Quraan.

Now once you know what it is that you want, you have to backtrack and break down this goal into specific actionable tasks that you as parents/or even teachers can do to achieve this.

I believe that before you embark on anything, we should always educate ourselves first.

So it is very important, that before we expect to tell and remind our youth to read more Quraan, we as teachers and parents need to educate ourselves on the fadhaail of Quraan.

And daily need to educate our youth about these fadhaail. You can use Fadhaailul A’maal, any other Hadeeth kitaabs, and just talk about 1 hadeeth a day.

But it’s not about just opening a kitaab or telling our children a virtue, and definitely not just about commanding or scolding.

It is about cultivating a lifestyle, an atmosphere and a love for Quraan in the home, in the community.

Because children don’t do as we say, they do as we do and they learn by example.

So small things we can do daily make a difference, choosing to play a recitation of Quraan in the car when you are driving, choosing to read Quraan with our kids, not when they are sleeping just because it is more convenient for us.

Listen to this podcast for more tips about encouraging youth towards salaah.

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