5 steps for someone who has recently embraced Islam or is starting to practice Islam again, to start or resume their relationship with Quran

Allah has revealed the Quraan as hudan linnaas, a source of guidance for ALL of MANKIND

Deen is for everyone and Quraan is for everyone…

So don’t feel that you have to be at a certain level, whatever level you are at, Whether you have just embraced Islam a few days ago, a few months ago, a few years ago or you are born Muslim and you have forgotten what you have learnt.

Open a Quran and just start reading. 

Yes, one cannot just start making up your own translations and making up your interpretations.

But do not for one moment think or let anyone make you feel inferior to the point where it stops you from opening the Quraan to just start that journey.

Quran is for every type of intellect, it is not just for the most intelligent person, it is not just for scholars, it is not just for males, it is not just for adults.

But what if you don’t know how to read Arabic? If you don’t know Arabic, read a translation Quran, this is Allah’s kalaam, Allaah’s speech and it meant to be engaged with.

Maybe you are scared because you don’t know how to make wudhu yet, then subhaanAllaah, get a hold of a Quran that only has translation in it, don’t overthink it, just start reading.

Allah does not intend difficulty for us. 

I don’t think that anyone can honestly say that any person exists who does not want to connect with Allah by means of reading Quraan.

But I believe that it is fear that stops us from moving forward, fear of making a mistake, fear of what the process is going to feel like, fear of being judged and this is normal.

5 steps to start your relationship with Quran

1. Turn your attention to Allah

Ask Allah to open your heart and understanding Make dua that Allah increases your knowledge, that Allah opens your heart and makes this quest for your knowledge of Quraan easy and Ask Allah to keep you steadfast. 

2. Niyyah (Intention) and Planning

Formulate a plan on how you are going to spread out your reading, you can listen to Haafidha Rayhaana’s last episode on SoundCloud for more tips on that.

It would benefit you greatly if you buy an A4 notebook, cover it beautifully, buy yourself a pretty pen, set up a neat and inspiring space no matter how small it is, that you can dedicate to reading and learning Quran and make the intention that what you are doing is for the pleasure of Allah. 

3. Resources

Buy yourself a Quraan, choose what kitabs you are going to use (seems simple) If you want to read from the actual Mushaf, the actual Quraan, then I suggest you get the version printed by the Waterval Islamic Institute, it is just basically clear, easy to read, there are some tajweed rules included in the back, it is used by most madrasas so if you decide to start to get some tutoring, it is basically universally recognized.

If you at a level where you are wanting to learn to read Arabic and/or wanting to read a translation, I suggest you go to quran.com it has very beautiful big and clear Arabic text, it has the translation, you can ‘click play’ and listen to the recitation of each ayah individually, and I just recently discovered that you can hover over any individual word and it turns blue and it gives the translation for that word.

I will mention a bit later what to use if you are at a more advanced level for Tafseer etc

4. Stick to the schedule

Stick to your schedule, keep on making dua for Istiqamah, and understanding and ponder over the verses,

5. Find a teacher – ask for help

And if you get stuck, or get confused, ask for help.

What we used to do as students is that we would keep a loose page with us (one for each kitab or subject) and as we were going over our work, we would keep a running list of any misunderstandings or questions or anything we needed further explanation of, and you keep on moving it along with you in your kitab like a bookmark as you are reading.

And when you have an opportunity to spend some time with someone who can help you, you have all your questions at hand.

Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (Ra) had a dream and asked Allah what the best way to gain closeness to Allaah was, and in this dream, Allah replied to him,

It is my word, and he asked

is it reading while understanding the meaning,

or without understanding the meaning,

Allaah replied whether by understanding or without understanding the meaning, it is a means of nearness either way

And remember that the one who makes mistakes, experiences difficulty and really work hard to learn the Quran, gets double the reward than that of the person who is well versed in the Quran

Hope you enjoyed and found benefit and please remember to share!

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