Life Lately – My health is messed, I actually want to be a Doula and 95% of my website went missing

Life lately 2018 - burnout depression, alignment, loss

2018 in review, burnout, depression, alignment, loss, and when you have to change direction when things are not meant for you right now.

EDITED TO ADD: My Website is back up, thank you so much to Asif Iqbal for the tech advice and Register Domain SA for the super speedy and amazing tech support!

2018 has been a very very busy year. I launched my Content Marketing business including a new website, worked with some great clients, learnt so much and pushed myself way beyond my comfort zones, got on more calls, worked on my mindset, confidence and sales. Yes I did change my niche a few times, still trying to figure out who my Ideal Client is. Yes I almost deleted this whole blog as I embarked on the personal branding journey and new website.

I would like to thank some of my coaches, mentors and teachers and friends who have helped me along, taught me and encouraged me this year: Abbey AshleyAshley Knight, Jessica Dornieden, Julie Stoian, Paloma LevSehaam Bateman, Faieda ShaAmber Brookes, Radmila Brkovic and Gicela Tangerife and Melissa de Klerk.

Then I hit a point where I was just trying way too hard, hitting blocks, not getting anywhere and crying all the time. I was receiving rejection after rejection after rejection with each digital marketing client I pitched. I felt like I was just failing; my business was not where I want it, I wasted so much time building and working yet for what..and in that time I was failing as a wife and mother too…spending so much time working.

Yep. I had reached new heights and my business ambition and goals grew but my personal life (real-life socialising especially with my family) and health were just going down.

I had asked for advice from Andre Mulder, the Owner and Pharmacist at Nature’s Own Pharmacy, months before, he sat down and patiently took his time, looking at my Vitamin D and Thermograph (a non – invasive thermal imaging scan I had previously done to check out some lumps) test results. Andre genuinely cares about the health and well – being of each person who enters his pharmacy – you can’t fake this kind of passion. He suggested a consultation with their Kinesiologist. He said that I need to see if I am intolerant to some foods which could be causing a parasite in my gut. And that it is much more powerful to omit things (food etc) than to take medications etc. In the meantime, I purchased some Vitamin D drops and a liquid probiotic suggested by Andre.

I had been putting off a health check-up for a very long time, using the money for investing in my business instead of my self-care. Then when I tried to purchase something and it just wasn’t meant for me that day, I decided that was when I was going to book that kinesiology appointment I had been putting off.

The session with Lynn was phenomenal. What is a Kinesiologist you ask? Well, I cannot fully explain it either, but Lynn uses the Kinetic energy of your own body to get to some answers. I listed my top symptoms of which migraines and exhaustion were my top 2.  And we started with the muscle testing and we came to quite a few conclusions…I have severe depression, Hypothyroidism, Auto-Immune disease – Rheumatoid arthritis (I had known 12 years ago already that I had RA, but did not realise it was an autoimmune disease and did not understand how to deal with it), a fungal infection in my gut, hormonal imbalances. I have to cut out wheat and sugar because these were causing inflammation in my body.

So to make things easy to understand, all my symptoms I was experiencing was mainly due to my gut and thyroid, and the benign lump in my breast was not a surprise, as it was a result of lymph blockage due to thyroid dysfunction. I received so much value from Lynn, she gave me so much of her time,  she sat with me explaining and educating and never tiring when I asked questions and cried in between. We ended up being together for 2 hours and the supplements she prescribed for me were not at all overwhelming or overpriced as I had 2 of the 3 already at home (the vitamin D and probiotic – see Andre is amazing), the 3rd was a herbal tea to help with overall health improvement. This was the first time I had seen a practitioner who actually could get to the bottom of my problems. Most practitioners just repeat back to you what you tell them and prescribe a drug which solves the symptom for now, but not the root problem.

Lynn is so soft, funny, patient and she is my new friend : ) She suggests solutions that are easy to implement from a practical and financial standpoint. The cost of a consultation with her is a mere R350. She is available on Thursdays at Nature’s Own Pharmacy. If you want to get to the bottom of some nagging symptoms, I suggest you go see her, or if you are not sure which route to take, have a chat with Andre or his lovely wife Robyn. They will be able to assist in steering you in the right direction and choose a practitioner and/or testing that is best for you. You can contact Andre, Robyn at (041) 363 8555 or (041) 363 4153 or via email:

Also ladies, please check your vitamin D levels and thyroid! Also please know that during pregnancy, your immune system is severely compromised so it is easy for you to pick up sicknesses during this time, and you will only know about it after birth. Just comment below if you need me to explain.

Ok so just to clarify. I am not GLUTEN Intolerant, only WHEAT intolerant. So luckily I do not have to cut out lentils, rice, potatoes etc.

I have to cut out wheat flour (yes bread, pizzas, pastas,  pies, cakes etc if made with wheat flour). I can eat rice, lentils, potatoes, buckwheat, Quinoa, semolina, sago, tapioca, durum wheat. Thankfully I am not lactose – intolerant so I do not have to cut out tea with milk, nor cheeeeese!

Sooooo I went on a spree trying to gather all kinds of food that I could consume in place of wheat – based breads/cereals. Suppers are easy ‘cos we usually eat rice, but breakfast and lunch are a bit difficult because we are so used to eating bread as a quick snack.

Here are some snacks and meals I experimented with. Note: not pictured here is the gluten free pizza that flopped terribly, or the disgusting gluten-free quick bread made in the microwave that tastes like baking powder 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hummus Bil Lahmi

hummus bil lahme

Hummus bil Lahmi with Gluten – free Turkish Flatbread

Let me know if you would like recipes : )

I subsequently referred my hubby to Lynn as well, and his diet requires more protein, less carbs, and no wheat OR yeast. So.. looks like we may go fully paleo some time…

Inbetween this craziness I just went ahead and booked my ticket to Jozi and will be starting an amazing journey of certifying as an ICEA International Childbirth Educator. I am so excited as this was a huge dream for me. The first time I will be away from my kids for 4 days.

And  I also decided to take a break from building my content marketing business and brand on social media, a break from discovery calls, pitching emails etc. I had to do some self – care, start focusing on correcting our diet, get some more sleep and be present with my family a bit more. What was the rush right? And I needed to do my best to prevent anxiety, overwhelm and burnout again.

So you can only imagine how hard it was for me to switch off. Those of you who know me well enough know that my mind is super active and I spend a lot of time in there and I can’t get out! I tried reading books instead of being on social media. I don’t think it helped, it just fuelled my ambition and anxiety. I tried binge-watching series, it helps to an extent but leaves me extremely sleep deprived. So with a somewhat bored mind… my heart started inclining again to start working with pregnant moms as an advocate, educator and doula. I thought maybe this was why I was having blocks in business and money…I was not fully answering my calling, I was moving in the wrong direction… (I had certified as a doula and did not practice for a whole year).

So the beauty that I ALWAYS find in quiet business periods (when not working on any client work) and resting periods for self – care…is that these are the times when I work on myself, MY PROJECTS and I realign with my why and my real direction…

So guess what..I can do web design, content marketing, blogging and social media management. Should I offer it? Yes if I need to (- and I still would love to find that one really wonderful remote contract position with a dream client right now – Just saying 😜if you know someone – keep me in mind). Is this my brand: NO – these were just learnt skills. But the feeling I have when I support a birthing mom, and the natural skills I use to help her, this is from inside my heart and my soul and it is a gift from God.

What is my brand: Women’s Wellness, Childbirth, Parenting AND Essential Oils – more about that later.

Yes Sehaam, you can wrap me over the knuckles and tell me “I told you so”!

I just launched my new facebook page (see I just can’t sit still 😁) and for the first time, I will be officially advertising and opening up my Doula services to expecting women in Port Elizabeth as from right this minute.

Ok so if that is not exciting enough, I am also now studying Aromatherapy. If you have read my recent About Me post that I wrote when I was trying to figure out my personal brand, you will see that I love essential oils and it formed a huge part of my childhood. Please keep an eye out on my blog and social media channels for more info! If you cannot wait to start on your essential oil journey and you would like to find out more right now, please do not hesitate to contact me on and I can make a plan for you 😎

doterra essential oils

Oh and yes…I lost 95 % of my zaahidajoeldotcom website today. 6 months of gradual work and changes down the line, unrecoverable… I cried and cried and felt sick to my stomach 😭😭😭   and then I turned to write this post and I think I don’t feel so bad now. I hope so, until I look at it again. Is it a sign?? Could be hey? What do you think? Anyways I am trying not to think about and waste time getting it back up again just yet… At least this blog is fine 😬

If you got to the end of this post, thank you so much for taking the time, I really hope you found some value in me sharing some of my untold snippets. If you are suffering from depression, know that you do not need to suffer in silence, please reach out to me to chat if you need to. And let me know what you thought of this crazy pivotal time in my life…What do you think my greatest talent is and where do you think is the greatest need? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

xx Zaahida



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Zaahida Natasha Nathoo Joel, Founder of The Nurture Co. is a mother of 3, an Islamic Studies Student & Teacher, teaching Arabic & Quran studies. She is also a Certified Doula, Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator, and Certified Aromatherapist currently completing her certifications in Bereavement facilitation. The company's mission is to educate Muslim couples with trauma-informed, evidence-based, and faith-based teachings and information to support families throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and early parenting.

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  1. Great post, just a heads up rice and potatoes are naturally gluten free as well you wouldn’t have to cut them out either way =) Gluten free convenience items can be so experience and sometimes such a waste google is a great help and going with veggie/vegan meals once or twice a week helps as well. I hope your Business continues to grow, I also jumped in and started a new business this year and have gone through the ups and downs you have/ are experiencing and struggling to juggle family and putting it all into work it isn’t easy it was nice to read a post where someone else is experiencing a similar journey, ups and downs

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