Life lately: 2019 so far

2019 so far

Life Lately: 2019 so far…

What a whirlwind these past few months have been.

A few updates:

I enrolled as an Aromatherapy student, igniting the love I have had for essential oils since I was 10, when my late mother was studying Aromatherapy.

After 8 months of using @doterra essential oils and their life – changing supplements, I decided they are too great not to share with everyone I know, and I decided to this as a business. Like for – real. 🤗

And I travelled to JHB to meet my team @Livia Pinto, @Dominique Olivier and my amazing upline @Dawn Behm who travelled from Duvall, Washington to teach us the Aromatouch Technique, (a clinical application of specific oils which brings the body to homeostasis) developed by Dr Hill.

And in meeting my team IRL my eyes were opened and I started taking so much more action after that, going out educating women about oils, instead of stalling my progress, sitting down and learning more and more, and not doing more, because I felt I was never enough.

Dominique, myself, and Dawn Behm
Dominique Olivier, myself, and Dawn Behm


livio pinto @liv_naturally
My direct upline, Livia Pinto

I have chosen to take on a more dedicated role in one of my favourite client’s, @bianca Johnson’s VA team Wahmworkspace (Work At Home Mom Workspace) We have a whole lot more focus, a rebrand and exciting things coming up and I sense that I may begin to narrow down my content marketing services to copywriting. Why I love the people I work with: cos we just get each other: we met through a cloth nappy group, we love tech, we are passionate about educating women about birth (Bianca is a Bereavement Doula, and founder of The Baby Bryce Foundation, a non – profit organisation which supports women experiencing pregnancy complications, miscarriage, facing medical terminations and fertility issues. It also provide support & education to caregivers who treat these mothers.)

Your vibe attracts your tribe : )

Bianca Johnson

I got a tiny little feature in @SAA’s in – flight mag @Sawubona where I could rave about my favourite Halaal Pizza Place in Port Elizabeth @Latinos 😛.

Latino Rib & Pine Pizza and Meatball Sub
Latino Seafood Pizza and Meatball Sub

Journey with Mum Blog has been laid to rest. My first online home, my little try at being a parenting blogger…it was fun and an integral part of my journey, but I needed more than that. I was tired of entertaining press – releases for products or brands that didn’t really serve me. I got so much anxiety when bombarded with emails and felt compelled to respond with some sort of action.

I needed to teach what I felt is important, write…my words, write from my heart…but I did not want to lose all my old blog posts.. so all my old content from journeywithmumdotcom has moved over to my new website zaahidajoeldotcom and my whole brand has grown and evolved. Thank you so much @asif iqbal of @Marketing MN for solving a huge headache and mammoth task for me which I had been struggling with making a decision on, and figuring out, for months.. Website is still in pre – launch stages…

And then my new brand Zaahida Joel – Nurture Support Educate was born where I step up and out of my shell to be the teacher and speaker I never thought I was good enough to be.

zaahida joel - entrepreneur - womens wellness educator - doterra port elizabeth - south africa

My mission is to educate women about holistic wellness with a focus on essential oils, nurture them continuously during the childbearing years and support them in starting and running their own businesses with a special interest in remote and online business, because in this way mothers can continue to care for their family with the flexibility that the corporate world does not cater for.

I partnered with an Integration Mentor, @Kieralee Harvey to work on understanding my inner children, how to parent them and live a more emotionally and psychologically holistic and balanced life. We met online 3x a month for 3 months. I had really difficult homework task to schedule time to eat and drink 😂😂, schedule time to spend with my kids, have a relaxing bath and go to sleep at 10 pm, speak sweet nothings to myself in the mirror, journal about difficult topics and call myself out on my sh#t..otherwise Kieralee would do it if I did not 😂

I started spending some time at the Islamic school I used to teach, to brush up on my Arabic Grammar…sit at the feet of my teachers, and feed my soul in a spiritual way, one of the many things that light up my soul, learning the Holy Quraan. When I entered that day, most of my previous students happily asked if I was coming back to teach (and I was like “hold up I’m just sitting in as a student for now” and I was stunned at the praise one of my most special students, Apa (Teacher) Nafeesa showered on me as she introduced me to the First Year class, she reminisced about the days I taught her in her Fifth year..and I was just sitting with my jaw dropped…in amazement that people actually see me as a good teacher lol…

Madrasatus Saalihaat Port Elizabeth Aalimah Studies

I got to speak about my favourite topics, physiological birth and birth comfort measure twice in @Living and Loving Magazine 🤗 Thank you @marianne malone & @Deryse van Aardt. See the June article here and the August article here).

@sumaya amod of Sumaya Amod markets invited me to speak about the role and work of a doula during childbirth at her ladies market last week Saturday, where I was able to host a doTERRa stall as well, to introduce more people to these amazing oils. This was my first time doing a whole 20 minute talk in public and the first time hosting a stall #crushingmyfears

Then I was invited to do another talk about being a doula at a community Fundraiser in Uitenhage. Whaat is happening??? 😱 Is this the same me who would wish the ground would swallow me up and I could die before speaking in front of even a small group 😂

I was blessed by us ICEA study buddies being given a revised, user -friendly, intuitive study guide (with 3 – less modules) for 2019, making our certification process so much easier and we started meeting more regularly.

I also have a 4yo who is going through a really crabby, clingy phase and a 6yo with chicken – pox. All this while renovating and moving house 😛😱 Alhamdulillaah (All praise be to God)

Guess what tho’, after having tooted my own horn a bit..let me just tell you…

Strewn in – between these successes…were moments I thought I would never ever pull through…
…months of no income in my business,
…Migraines that lasted 4 days only to pass for a day and come again for 3 days…
…Nights when my kids just did not want to sleep..
..days where I felt so depressed I did not want to get out of bed or eat or clean or do do anything adults are supposed to do..
…anxiety so bad I struggled to breathe…
..feelings of not being enough…
..breast lump scares…
…hours in the hospital having my 6yo’s tummy pains tested..
..irritability, arguments..
…feelings of “what on earth am I doing? I am failing as a parent and failing in my business endeavours as well…why don’t I just give all this sh#t up!?”…
..months where my study group including myself…just went quiet..
…applications for 3 homes we would have liked to rent being turned down for no apparent reason…
..feelings of being so spiritually bereft…
…days when I felt like I didn’t want to talk to anyone..not even my family ‘cos I was just so demotivated and depressed..
…days of binging..


I am so grateful to Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala (God the most Glorified, the most High), that I am still here today…alive and kicking, able to write this post tonight, in the hopes that even one person will be inspired to never ever give up on your intentions and goals for the greater good. I am grateful for His blessings and His sustenence, and the fact that I made it through all of those times when it felt like I just couldn’t go on.

And I am so grateful for and I owe so much of thanks to Kieralee for the hours of work she put in with me, listening, noting down, writing down feedback, helping me be kind to myself, and just being there, holding my hand, being like a friend, a parent, a guide, a coach, a comedian all at the same time, and it helped that she let me swear when I needed to 🤗😂😛😘.

A huge thanks to doTERRA for the impeccable quality of their products. I have had a huge shift in general energy, mental clarity, and mood.

doterr aproducts: Lifelong Vitality Supplements

Remember that God knows your capacity, He knows how much you can handle, He knows if He pushes you a little harder, what greatness can come forth… and that sustenance He has pre-written for you, may not always come in the form that YOU want it come in…(because He knows what is good for you and we do not know)…

Rizq (sustenance) could come in the form of a smile, your health, your happiness, your spouse, your children, your children’s health, money, your garden, a job, a day of ease, not feeling pain, a mentor, a cup of coffee with a friend, a kind word from a stranger…

Remember to show gratitude to Him and know that He’s got your back 💓

Keep on keeping on…

Yours Sincerely,


[Originally Published in August 2019 on my Facebook Page]

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Zaahida is a mother of 3, Islamic Scholar, Doula & Founder of The Nurture Co. She is completing her certifications in Childbirth Education, Bereavement facilitation and Aromatherapy. The company's mission is to educate Muslim couples with trauma-informed, evidence-based and faith-based teachings and information to support families throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and early parenting.

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