How to renew your driver’s Licence in Port Elizabeth 2020

I had the pleasure (NOT) of having to renew my driver’s licence recently. I am sure we all experience having to go to places like the Traffic Department etc and after taking out the time from your busy schedule, you get turned back home for some document that you don’t have. So I wrote this post to help you guys out.

What you need before anyone will even give you a second glance:

  1. Proof of address
  2. Identity Document
  3. Cash (?)
  4. 2 ID photos

traffic dept port elizabeth

traffic department port elizabeth drivers licence renewal


Make sure you have drawn cash. You never know when the card machines are “offline”. I suggest you arrange your proof of address a day or 2 before you go, in case you need one from a bank; not all banks are open early. Also if you have a certified copy of your ID with already, keep it with you in case the photocopy machine is not working either (which has happened). Don’t bother doing an external eye test, you have to do their test.

NOTE: If you fail their test, you may be requested to get a test from an optometrist.


At Korsten Traffic Department (updated 11 Nov 2019)

Licence Renewal if current licence is not expired: R216 + R40 for photos = R256

Licence Renewal + Temporary Licence (If current one is expired): R216 + 96 + R40 = R352



Put a pen in your pocket or bag. They DO NOT have pens for you to fill your form in : (

Come at about 7 am. You can take your photos very quickly at the booth outside, the lady charges R40 for 4 photos. It makes sense to just get your photos done here as although upon phoning they will tell you they need 2 photos, this lady says that 1 photo goes on your licence, and the other 2 go on your form and in your file.


Go to the Enquiry Desk and take out your ID and Proof of address. They will NOT help you if you don’t have it, you won’t even be allowed to go in another queue to get another task done while waiting for someone to proof of address for you (guess who had to wait for someone to do that and who could not go and multitask in another queue while waiting ; )). You will be given a Form called DL1 to fill in. Fill in Sections A, B & D


Stand in the queue to do your eye – test

Live testing Unit (eye test inside traffic department)
Live Enrollment Unit: The Eye Test


instructions for the eye test


Apparently no-one is allowed to stand in the queue on behalf of someone else!

how to renew your drivers licence port elizabeth 2019
Clearly someone was very unhappy with this rule! 🤣



Stand in the long queue to the right of the Enquiry desk, where you find the Cashiers (times??). Pay……. you will receive a receipt and request a temporary drivers licence if yours has already expired or will expire in the next two months. (check facts). You will be told to check with them again in 4/8 weeks…

You will NOT be called to come and fetch your Licence Card when it is done. I completely forgot about mine and remembered 2 months later. Went to the traffic department without phoning and thankfully it was done.

Wish we had a licence delivery system..because in this process of fetching my licence I lost my ID…💩

Thanks to Dora and Tarryn for friendly service


This post was written in mid-2019 and at the time, I was able to renew my licence despite unpaid traffic fines. Please do take heed that this may not be possible in the future. There have been reports of licences not being renewed in Gauteng Province under these circumstances. Please, please let us know in the comments if you have any updated information!

teller from Trafficc Department Port Elizabeth
Dora The very friendly teller who helped me

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