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Are you a mom trying to work from home? So you have your website set up and your new domain email! You can’t keep up with checking all your different email inboxes. And the worst-case scenario? You miss out on a potential gig, cos you checked your domain email a day late.

In this post I am going to show you how you can check one inbox, to read all your Gmail and domain emails, and reply from there too. The advantages are, that you will save TONS of time, you will look professional, and you will be able to land many more clients, because a potential client will not necessarily respond to the most affordable quote, but rather to the service provider who is most responsive, ie, replies the quickest to their enquiries.


  • Open your main Gmail Account that you are used to using everyday
  • Select the Settings icon, and click on “Settings” in the drop-down menu
  • Select “Accounts and Import”
  • In the third section, called “send mail as”, select “Add another email address you own“, a new yellow window will pop up
  • In the Name section, fill in your name as you would like it to appear when you are sending mail to your clients
  • In the email section, add your domain email “”
  • Click on “next step”
  • When asked if you would like mail to be sent through SMTP server, select yes, as you do not want it to appear as coming from your Gmail address. You can select “treat as an alias”
  • Click on “next step”
  • In the SMTP server field, enter the details found in your C panel, when you created your domain email. It will look something like
  • In the Username field, enter your domain email address, if that doesn’t work, then just the username.
  • Choose the SMTP port number specified in the details found in your Cpanel (3 numbers)
  • Select “Secured  connection using SSL”
  • Click on “Add account”
  • You will be requested to verify this action, so open up your domain email by entering into a new browser tab, checking your mail, and clicking on the link in the confirmation email
  • Go back to Gmail settings, Accounts and Import, and check the “reply from same address” option


  • Open your main Gmail account
  • Select Settings and “Accounts & Import” again
  • In the 4th section called “Check mail from other accounts”, Select “Add a POP3 mail account you own
  • Another yellow window will open
  • In the same manner as above, enter your domain email address or username if that does not work for you
  • You can select “send a copy to server” if you wish, and leave SSL unchecked
  • Click on “next

You are now, done!! You can now send an email to your client from your Gmail account, but it will appear to be from your domain account, and you can also reply from the domain account. When you compose a new email, in the “From” field, click on the drop-down menu, your good old Gmail address will be there, as well as your domain email address, you can select either one to send an email from!! You can also add as many domain email addresses to this Gmail account, and manage them all from one place! And there you have it, all your domain emails will now be sent to your Gmail address!!

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial to see how to do this, watch this video from Michael G Stults.

If you found this tutorial helpful, please share it with anyone who you think might benefit from it. Have you got any other technical email questions? Please pop in the comments below?



















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