Who am I and what in the world do I do all day!!??

My site was down on the very night I wanted to start The #sablogtribe #rsabizblogs 7 Day Blogging challenge, and so it was for the next night as well. Here I am, catching up on 3 night’s worth of Challenges in one night, after settling my Dear Son to sleep, and I have a migraine. But I. will. not. allow this to pile up for one more night! So help me God.

Here goes nothing Peeps:

I am Natasha Nathoo Joel, also known as Zaahida to close family and friends. “Zaahida” is an Arabic word meaning “Ascetic”, or “One who renounces the World”. I am Wife to The Most Wonderful Husband. Married for 6 years, and we have 3 little kiddos: Dear Daughter #1: M who is 5 years old and has a very strong will, Dear Daughter #2 : H, who is 3.5 and can do the Van Damme Split and Dear Son #3: A, who is 1,5 years old and talks the weirdest Gibberish ever (at the moment Gogo is his trending word, he uses for everything from a dog, to an insect, to duvet, yet he still manages to get his point across). I believe in the benefits of Eclectic, Freestyle learning, so I don’t send my kids to school, and neither do I have a rigid “homeschooling curriculum”, cos at their age, the best thing I can do for them is let them play. Cos that is their way of learning. I will explain more about why in another post. I love talking, reading to and playing with my kids, they learn so much from being in the company of people of all ages, not just kids their own age. And yeah as much as working from home with 3 kids 5 and under is not a walk in the park, I wouldn’t give this up for the world.

I am one of those people who refuse to stop thinking, I open my eyes with ideas and I (try to) close my eyes at night with ideas. My personality type is The Analyst, The Architect. No wonder my previous business attempts never worked out, cos these type of people don’t do well with manufacturing and retail, so they say. And I ended up being more talented at Web development than Sewing or Baking. I love collaboration, I love trying to see how I can make the world a better place. I generally hate makeup except for lipgloss and eye pencil. Cos I like to #keepitreal. I hate dressing up, I’m the sweatpants/jeans type of girl. I feel down when the weather is grey, and happy and full of energy when I see the sun. I love sweet things, in particular, gooey Chocolate Brownies, Burfee (an Indian sweetmeat), Coke (yes I know it is extremely unhealthy), biscuits etc and #GASP I am a car enthusiast, and yes, you know I met my match, when we can sit till 2 am discussing which Wheels would look better on The Suzuki.

I am a part-time Lecturer and Translator at an Islamic School and a stay at home mum for the rest of the time. “So what DO you do all day at home?” they ask. Well between cleaning the porridge off my couches, trying to swallow my food while screaming at someone to “just stand still for one minute” or “get off that table” or “close the freezer“, “stop eating the sponge” or “stop strangling your brother“, I am a Parenting & Lifestyle Blogger, and WordPress Enthusiast.

My Blog Journey with Mum is just the start of my Entrepreneurial Journey and I have many exciting things I would like to accomplish through it. I started because of my realisation that I need to be there for my kids, and thus needed a more flexible job and because of my love for research on natural birth and breastfeeding, my passion to teach the world about more Sustainable Living, the belief that my responsibility as a parent is to educate and raise my kids, and that it is not someone else’s responsibility, and also the overall need to support small businesses like mine.

So while I tinker away at my computer, and my son climbs on the desk, presses all the keys and tries to pull the power plug out or throw his tea out on the keypad or eat my cellphone up, I try to get some blog posts written, some graphics designed, and share my thoughts with the world through Web and Social Media Campaigns. I would like to start working with more Small businesses and Brands who need to get their Brand known by the right audience. Check out I how I can help you here. (2019 – edited to add: I don’t offer this service anymore)

I have been reeeeeaaaallly busy lately, as I am part of the Sabizchat Team (edited to add: SA Bizchat has rebranded as Phambano tech and I don’t partner with them anymore). I do Social Media Management, Sales, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Community Management, Project Management, Web development, and myself and the rest of the team have a dozen of Google Hangout calls while telling some kid or the other not to do something or the other : ) And of course being the Major Geek that I am, when I am not busy working, I am busy teaching myself new skills. Yeah so as you might have read in my previous post, about The start of My Entrepeneurial Journey, My failed startups were based on sewing and retail, and as I have grown and learned more about myself, I have started nurturing my Tech skills more, and I am enjoying every.single.moment of it #WIN!


About Zaahida

Zaahida is a mother of 3, Islamic Scholar, Doula & Founder of The Nurture Co. She is completing her certifications in Childbirth Education, Bereavement facilitation and Aromatherapy. The company's mission is to educate Muslim couples with trauma-informed, evidence-based and faith-based teachings and information to support families throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and early parenting.

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